The Parish

The Herbert Jones family ensured that mass was celebrated at Llanarth from the time of the reformation onwards. This involved having mass said at the old house by a priest who also acted as butler. In this way they ensured that the"Old faith" stayed alive.

Eventually in @1750 they built the chapel disguised as a garden orangery. In this building they ensured that mass was celebtared for the large local Catholic population. With Catholic emancipation the chapel was reshaped to resemble a place of worship.

Mass has been clebrated in th chapel since 1750 making it the oldest catholic chapel in Wales. We are now the custodians of the building and history - the community and its links with the past.

However, instead of looking back we need to look forward and build a parish that is vibrant and ready for the challenges ahead. In order to do this we need the active participation of members of the parish. Active participants in the liturgy and active participants in the wider life and functioning of the parish.

There are many roles to be shared - please consider what you can offer the parish.

A list of roles will be put at the back of the church. Please give them and our future you full consideration. Together, we can achieve much.