Life in the Spirit Seminars

Fr Richard has invited some excellent speakers, both priests and lay people, to share with us a series of 7 talks on Tuesday evenings beginning on April 29th, and leading us towards and into the graces of Pentecost.

These Life in the Spirit Seminars have had a deep impact on hundreds of thousands of Catholics and their parish communities worldwide. The process is a sure way to explore our faith and deepen a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as our risen Lord and Saviour.

You are warmly invited to come and be part of something that can help us grow individually and as a parish.*


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The Life in the Spirit Seminar is one way God has used to re-evangelise his people in this most important truth of his revelation. By walking people through the plan for salvation and sanctification, empowering and witnessing, hearts have been enlightened and lives transformed. The message is simple and clear, revealing and convincing, exciting and challenging.
I am happy tio endorse this catholic Edition 2000 of the New Life in the Spirit Seminars. I have seen the power of the Spirit in the lives of those who came to an awareness of the truth of God's Word, and I believe that those who seek God's fuller plan in their life will experience the same through these Seminars.”

Most Rev Sam G. Jacobs,
Bishop of Alexandria (Louisiana)

“One of the graces God has given his people over the past two millenniums is the grace of Pentecost: the gift and gifts of the Holy Spirit. From the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan to the anointing of the 120 in the Upper Room on Pentecost to the conferral of Baptism and Confirmation on those who believe in Jesus, the Holy Spirit has come to sanctify, to anoint and empower all for the work of the Kingdom.
Unfortunately, for the most part many people who have already been sacramentally initiated into the life of the church are not aware of this grace within them, which waits to be stirred up anew.